Now in its 16th year, ASB Bright Sparks is still proudly New Zealand’s premiere competition for young inventors.

Our mission

To empower New Zealand students to choose hi-tech education, careers, and entrepreneurship.


Our story
2016 ASB Bright Spark Awards

ASB Bright Sparks has humble beginnings as an email club started by a chemistry teacher. Since then it has grown into the most prominent competition in New Zealand for young inventors.

In recent years the scope of the programme has moved beyond electronics to include inventions focused on software, the environment, and science. This is in addition to more traditional engineering- and hardware-focused inventions.

In 2016, ASB joined the programme as principal sponsor. In partnership with ASB, we intend to continue the programme and helping students chase their dreams and passions.


Our achievements
2016 ASB Bright Spark Success Stories

The proof of ASB Bright Sparks' success lies of its students. Our winners and finalists have gone on to prominent commercial and academic careers in the likes of Silicon Valley. We believe that there is no other technology program for students in New Zealand that has produced such successful results as ASB Bright Sparks.


How it works
2016 ASB Bright Spark The Forum and Workshops

The programme works through three key elements:

Annual Awards: Students across New Zealand submit their projects for a chance to win their share of $10,000 in our annual awards. Simply join our forum to get started.

Online mentoring: Students ask mentors for advice, and can order parts for their projects through our forum. Our mentors regularly check the forum, and are qualified practitioners in their fields.

Workshops: We work directly with science and technology teachers to introduce the relevant curricula in schools. We help teachers understand how to teach and assess NCEA achievement standards related to technology. Some teachers actively participate in the annual competition with their students.


Who we are
2016 ASB Bright Spark and The Skills Organisation

ASB Bright Sparks is owned and administered by The Skills Organisation. This is a not-for-profit industry training organisation providing skills support to 22 industries in New Zealand, including eletrotechnology, civil defence, and local government.

ASB is the principal sponsor of the programme.


Our founder
2016 ASB Bright Spark Founder Ross Petersen

ASB Bright Sparks was proudly founded by Ross Peterson. Ross's hard work and tireless commitment have grown the competition from humble beginnings into the national programme it is today.

Originally a chemistry teacher, Ross came to work for The Skills Organisation full-time to run the programme and to work with schools.

Although Ross retired in 2016, he is still very active in the ASB Bright Sparks community, and his advice and wisdom are regularly called upon.