3rd Place


It’s a game using a hacky sack that counts the number of times it has been kicked.

What inspired you to create your invention?

Seeing lots of kids playing on their phones. I wanted to get them to disconnect from tech and go outside.


Are you the first inventor in your family?

My parents aren’t in tech but my dad inspires me. My grandad was also into model trains and owned a computer and tech store.


Who influences your interest in tech and innovation?

Dad, teachers, and James Dyson (founder of Dyson vacuum cleaners).


What is your dream job?

To have my own company, use my own ideas, and turn my ideas into reality. I will be studying electrical engineering at the University of Canterbury.


What’s the best thing about ASB Bright Sparks?

Getting connected to other people with the same ideas and motivation, and being inspired by all the talks.


Would you enter ASB Bright Sparks again?

Yes, if I could. I like the option of connecting to like minds and seeing all the ideas.


What are you looking forward to at the Awards night in Auckland?

The forum, the talks, and the other participants.

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Posted by Alison James on 25 Oct 2016 4:14 PM

Great Idea Nathan. I hope it is very successful and gets the young folk off the couch. All the very best