Bird's iView

I’ve developed a system that uses drones and hyper spectral imaging to monitor bird populations. Organisations like DoC and Forest & Bird currently use groups of people to do bird counts in a sample area to monitor populations. Given the quick moving nature of birds, the fact many are camouflaged and the likelihood of human error, this system can be quite imprecise. My project is aimed at improving the process and making it more reliable.

What inspired you to create your project?

In terms of inspiration, I was in the native bush and had been reading about spectral imaging, so the idea just came to me as it made a lot of sense. I followed my idea up by talking to someone from DoC to figure out what they would want from the project and where should it go.


Are you the first tech inventor in your family?

I’m the only one in my family to be an inventor.


Who influences your tech/innovation?

To be honest I haven’t gotten inspiration from just tech people, I draw from a lot of different range people. I was also in Bright Sparks in year 9 and I found the speakers like Nanogirl (Dr Michelle Dickinson) and Simon Ward from A-Ward quite inspiring.


What is your dream job?

Obviously it would be something in the tech sector, I’d love to work Boston Dynamics in the US. They are a robotics company who have made a lot of famous robots like Atlas and Spot.


What is the best thing about ASB Bright Sparks to you?

I think it kind of gives you a way to turn your tinkering and ideas into something you can actually pursue. People with these ideas and skills can put them to good use and be celebrated for them.


Would you enter ASB Bright Sparks again?

I’ve entered before and I’ll enter it again. It’s such a great experience. Doing the project and then be able to talk to other people about their projects is awesome.

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