Personal Assistant

My device tells you information on the weather, the buses, prices for holidays, the status of different appliances, and is an alarm. All in one.

What inspired you to create your project?

There’s lots of stuff on the internet that enables you to access this information, but it takes time to access. So I decided to design a device that makes these tasks more convenient to access, and means things can get done faster.


Are you the first tech inventor in your family?

Yes, but my dad is very good with electronics.


Who influences your tech/innovation?

I’m inspired by my surroundings and love problem solving.


What is your dream job?

My dream job is something in software development and engineering.


What is the best thing about ASB Bright Sparks to you?

ASB Bright Sparks gives people the opportunity to innovate and make new stuff. You also get to see other peoples ideas, which motivates you.


Would you enter ASB Bright Sparks again?

Yes, it’s a good experience.

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