Our previous winners have gone to achieve amazing things

ASB Bright Sparks has a proud history of supporting New Zealand’s kids to achieve their goals. Whether you’ve got big dreams in Silicon Valley or you want to positively impact your local community, ASB Bright Sparks can help set you on the path to success.

Meet some of our talented young people below who ASB Bright Sparks helped springboard to a career in technology.


Leili Baghaei Rad
ASB Bright Spark Leili Baghaei Rad

“It was great to have Bright Sparks support and encourage me to continue my education”

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Refael Whyte
ASB Bright Spark  Raefael Whyte

ASB Bright Sparks gave him an excellent start in the realm of electronics – an interest he pursued into tertiary education.

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Callum Riddington
ASB Bright Spark Callum Riddington

In the wake of his ASB Bright Sparks triumph, Callum was awarded $10,000 as part of the AMP Study Start Scholarship.

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Sohail Abdulla
ASB Bright Spark Sohail-Abdulla

Following his success at ASB Bright Sparks, Sohail took his project to the Taiwan International Science Fair, where he gained fourth place.

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