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Posted: 14 May 2017 8:24 AM

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17 March 2013
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Hey Everyone 

 Found this the other day, its a colab between Google and Raspberry pi, have you heard of Google home or Amazon Echo they are like an assistant they will listen to you and do things like turning on & off your lights, TV and give you information on what the weather is going to be like and even order you pizza here is a couple of pictures. (Google home on top & Amazon Echo on bottom)


And here is a pic of the Raspberry pi kit it includes all the needed parts to build a Raspberry pi based google assistant



As of the moment there is currently no stock available but im sure they will have some more in, in the next couple of weeks 





Posted: 18 May 2017 5:41 AM

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16 June 2011
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Amazing- thanks for this Tecco! The three incredible trends in technology these days: capability going up, complexity coming down, price coming down




Posted: 18 May 2017 1:06 PM

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8 October 2011
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Hi Ross,

Raspberry Pi do Back To The Future too

I've been helping someone fit out an old arcade game cabinet with a Raspberry Pi running Retropie

Powerful little micro system


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