NZ's premier showcase for brilliant young minds

ASB Bright Sparks was created by The Skills Organisation in 2000 to nurture the students who will be our nation's future engineers, electricians and programmers.

ASB Bright Sparks connects people with an interest in technology and software, so they can exchange ideas and information, and give encouragement to those starting out.

It also enables young people to experience electronics and software directly through a project-based approach.

There are three main features to ASB Bright Sparks

The ASB Bright Sparks Forum

More than 2500 Bright Sparks from throughout New Zealand share their growing knowledge in electronics and technology through the Forum.

Students receive points for contributing to the discussion and can trade these for great discounts on electronics components.

Older Bright Sparks employed in industry or studying at university will offer advice and encouragement to those who are still in school or are just starting out.

The ASB Bright Sparks Awards

The annual ASB Bright Sparks Awards is a showcase for the creativity and discipline of school students.

The students develop a prototype using electronics, engineering and/or programming elements during the year.

Each prototype is carefully scrutinised by a judging panel of industry experts.

Winners receive great prizes and many go on to achieve further success with their projects.

The National Certificate in Electronics Technology (NCET)

Getting electronics teaching into our schools, so students can have practical experience with technology through a project-based approach, is important.

The NCET programme  can be taught in schools, and counts towards NCEA. NCET is currently taught in over 200 schools around the country at Years 11, 12 and 13.