My Sugar Tracker

Breanna Jury

Sancta Maria College

Profile Info

My Sugar Tracker is an app that tracks diabetics blood sugar and automatically sends the information to the users’ parent or caregiver.
What inspired you to create your project?

I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2013 and have found that there’s not a lot of technology out there on the market in terms of non-medical tools designed to help those manage their diabetes. I think something like this could help a lot of people, and I definitely would have benefitted from it when I was younger and my parents were more involved in helping manage my diabetes.

Who influences your tech/innovation?

My digital teacher at school has given me a lot of encouragement and guidance and has really nurtured my love of technology.

What is your dream job?

Something in software development, preferably creating things such as apps or games as I’m not as interested in website development.