Fantail Go

Finn Eger, Brennan Drach, Michael Dewe

Waimea College

Profile Info

Our project aims to make a modern Go Kart making use of all the modern tech we have available now.
Two Raspberry Pi's, connected via a custom PCB, take info from sensors all around the kart (speed, temperatures of critical components, orientation, surroundings via 360° LiDAR), and use this data to make adjustments to the steering and motor to maintain control over the kart.
A digital dashboard provides important data to the This data is also logged to an external server, where we can analyse the kart's performance. The biggest change from a normal Go-Kart is the steering - instead of a steering wheel, we use a 400 kg/cm servo motor, and an Xbox controller to drive.
In the future, we hope to expand the electronics onboard and continue developing and training our neural network for basic self-driving.


Who influences your tech/innovation?

Tesla, SpaceX, Rocket Lab, Joe Barnard (

What is your dream job?

Finn: I'm not completely sure, but software engineer sounds interesting, although I also enjoy working on physical prototypes/products, and electronics.

Brennan: To work at NASA or another space agency like SpaceX.

Michael: Robotics.