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Imagine having a backpack that used to weigh 15 kilograms, as that is how much backpacks can weigh, reduced to a mere 50 grams. One notebook and a pen are all you need with this app. This is because my project is about organising all your subjects into one easy to read, online notebook. I hoped to achieve a subject organiser, as I find having many notebooks within my bag heavy and unnecessary. This is done by having a pen which will record your writing on various surfaces (including paper) and then store these pages within the pen memory. At the end of the day, by a simple click of a button, each page is uploaded to the cloud automatically and appended to the corresponding subject file. For a reference, each page contains a timestamp with the exact date and time the page was written. This will lessen the load on students backs as they will only need to carry one notebook throughout the day to record all their subjects. In case they have forgotten their notebook, they can also write directly on the desk by simply covering the pen head with a plastic cover. Additionally, the application converts the written notes into the text; this helps people who can’t recognise their own writing (like myself)
Once on the cloud, these subjects files can be accessed from any device with internet access anywhere.
What inspired you to create your project?

I got the idea for this project as I have a major problem of carrying excessive notebooks within my schoolbag throughout my years at school, and yet there was never a solution to fix this. And when I realized that this is a problem for every kid at school, it inspired me to create this app, eBackpack. 

Who influences your tech/innovation?

My Dad influences my projects as I always discuss with him my ideas before bringing them to life.

What is your dream job?

My dream job is still, even after the years, to be an inventor as I want to develop and create items that you wouldn’t expect for another 20 years.