RWS (remote weather stations)

Abbey Silson and Jenna Bellve

Opunake High School


Profile Info

When Abbey’s dad Mike Silson told the girls that he needed to be able to get reliable information on the weather in paddocks where he needed to work, they created internet accessible remote weather stations for him.

“Abbey’s dad is an agricultural contractor and he had the problem that he couldn’t get reliable information on what the weather was doing in the places he needed to be working at.; he told us that he wanted to be able to easily view the data. We came up with the idea of a website and asked him what would be useful in a weather station. He told us wind speed, humidity and air temperature.

The best part of our project was the feeling we got when we finally cracked the formula and calibration for the wind speed sensor. Seeing the correct data streaming live was awesome!

Getting the humidity sensor up and running was pretty hard. It took a lot of mucking around and experimenting to get it reading correctly. It was a definite relief when we finally got it working.

Mr Hooper and Mr Hornblow have been our biggest inspirations throughout our project. They both encouraged us from the get-go and taught us a lot, they are great mentors. Mr Hooper is a teacher at Opunake High School and Mr Hornblow is an Opunake resident and helps out at Opunake High a lot.”

Abbey enjoys baking, reading, playing piano, listening to music, white-baiting, watching movies, eating, computers, tractors and hanging out with friends.

Jenna likes dancing, singing, playing guitar and piano, sewing, drawing, blogging, crafts and photography, eating, watching movies, hanging out with friends, riding motorbikes, make-up and computers.

When Abbey finishes school she’s hoping to be accepted in the RNZAF and go to Massey University through one of the Air Force’s scholarship programs. She’s not sure what degree she wants to do yet but she’s thinking something along the lines of either Business or Computer Science. Her dream job would to be an officer in the RNZAF. Jenna’s plan is to enrol at UCOL Wanganui and study a Bachelor of Fashion (Level 7) after she finishes Level 3 at Opunake High School. Her dream job is to have to own successful business and fashion label.