Arduino Laser Tag

Declan Ross

Howick College
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Declan has created his very own laser tag set! They are able to communicate and react with each other based on variables set by the user. The laser tag guns include LEDs for team colour, vibration motors for haptic feedback, a display (for ammo count, hit points left, and setting up the system), option buttons (for setup) and a sound system for audio feedback (gunshots and hit-noises).


What inspired you to create your project?

I have always liked playing games like paintball, airsoft and laser-tag, the problem was that you had to pay a lot of money to visit places like that. You had to use their arena and follow their rules. Also, if you were play laser tag, you had to wear a bulky vest unlike my set where the laser tag gun has all the sensors, and everything built into it.


Who influences your tech/innovation?

There was a youtuber online who I watch by the name of Great Scott. He creates a lot of electronics projects on his channel, and inspired by his work, I started to get into creating things, which includes my submission.


What is the best thing about the ASB Bright Sparks competition to you?

I think that the best thing about ASB Bright Sparks is that it gives me something to work for. For example, if I am working on a project, it will sometimes feel meaningless if I am not going to submit it anywhere. With ASB Bright Sparks it gives me motivation to complete my project.