Eric Song

Burnside High School
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Eric has created a device to solve all your courier woes! The BlackBox is a smart delivery box that keeps your delivery safe when you are not at home. The courier scans the delivery item using the BlackBox scanner. The lock box will then search the vendor’s database in real time or search your tracking number. Once confirmed this is your delivery, the box will open, providing a safe place for your delivery until you are able to retrieve it.  


What inspired you to create your project?

I made it because there was this one small package that I just missed because I was in shower and had to drive ages to pick it up. Was really annoying!


What is the best thing about the ASB Bright Sparks competition to you?

I think it’s really good because it creates a platform to share all the cool stuff you are working on and gives you recognition of all the work that you have put into the project.