Dynamic Water Management Systems

Bailey Lissington

Timaru Boys' High School
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Bailey has created the Dynamic Water Management System! This device is a watering system that controls the output of the water in the garden based on the environmental conditions. Bailey has also expanded his project to work on the sprayers for grain transport hoppers at his local Port. Using an ultrasonic distance sensor, his device senses when the crane bucket it near, turning the sprayers on and off accordingly rather than the traditional constant stream of water normally used.  


What inspired you to create your project?

I work at the Port and was asked to design something to better manage the water for the hoppers. Conservation and water are passions of mine, and seeing that water wastage was such a big issue in the Canterbury region, I decided to do something about it.


Who influences your tech/innovation?

People like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are big influences for my technology. Also my science teacher, who is really into expanding how far you can go with science, got me interested in the subject.


What is the best thing about the ASB Bright Sparks competition to you?

The competition gets you great coverage and exposure to big companies. It’s also great to use on your CV as it impressive for future employers to see