Magic Carpet Electric Skateboard

Angus Lynch

Hobsonville Point Secondary School
Angus Lynch photo

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Angus has created an electric skateboard conversion kit that allows any ordinary skateboard to be made electric in under 5 minutes. It can be used to travel around your local area or in conjunction with public transportation to get anywhere in the city! The kit set is very easy to use and it is Angus' aim that the installation of the kit will help spark an interest in electronics and engineering in young people!


What inspired you to create your project?

My inspiration to build this was my need for a new, more dynamic mode of transport that was friendly for the environment. I wanted to explore electric skateboarding but the lack of low cost electric skateboards on the market was prohibitive, so I built this!


Who influences you?

My drive for making new, better and cooler things is the inspiration of my creativity.