Container Weight Bluetooth Information Exchange For STEELBRO

MacKenzie Parker

Lincoln High School
MacKenzie Parker photo 2

Profile Info

MacKenzie’s project gathers data from a STEELBRO side lifter and passes it through several hardware interfaces to then send the data via Bluetooth. The app then processes this data and formats it into an easily read & understood message. This message is then transferred to the final recipient by the means selected by the operator (text, email or other media exchange).


What inspired you to create your project?

This year I was searching for a scholarship project and I was approached by STEELBRO with an issue in need of a solution. There was a new international legislation for verifying accurate shipping container weights, and getting this weight forwarded on to the appropriate recipient. They needed to meet this legislation and asked if I could help. To which I said: “Of course I can!”


Who influences your tech/innovation?

I think what my father does (mechatronics engineering) is incredible, and I strive to be able to innovate and create with as much success as he has achieved. He has given me the drive and passion for technology and he offers support and guidance when I work on projects in my spare time.


What is the best thing about ASB Bright Sparks to you?

I love the way that ASB Bright Sparks enables young innovators to create and present their achievements, talents and ideas to industry experts. Also, it provides future opportunities for finalists entering into the technology industry.