Trapduino 4000

Oscar McCartney

Queenstown Primary School
Oscar McCartney photo2

Profile Info

Oscar has created a trap checking device that will notify you via email when it has caught a pest! Using an Arduino board, it that has a built-in radio module and a magnetic switch so it can determine whether the trap has been set off or not and when to let you know to come check it.


What inspired you to create your project?

We have a predator trapping group in Arthurs Point called KAPOW. When we go out to check traps, usually we only check about 10 traps but only get about one or two rats and maybe a possum. I decided to make something so that hopefully in the future you only need to check the ones that have been set off.


What is your dream job?

I really enjoy space and would like to work at Rocket Lab one day.