From ASB Bright Sparks to Microsoft and beyond

RefaelWithToF Camera atMIT Nov2013 1

Refael Whyte joined ASB Bright Sparks early on in high school in 2004.

ASB Bright Sparks gave him an excellent start in the realm of electronics – an interest he pursued into tertiary education.

Refael proceeded to the University of Waikato and graduated with a first-class honours degree in electrical engineering.

His specialism is in Time of Flight (ToF) cameras, which create 3D images – effectively a 3D movie in real time.

As the focus of his studies Refael designed and built his own ToF camera.  This included designing the PCB, constructing the circuitry, and programming the camera.

The year after graduation, he won a scholarship that gave him a twelve months internship with Microsoft in Silicon Valley, California.  He worked on the 3D imaging capabilities of the Xbox One.

On returning to NZ, he proceeded to study for his PhD. As a consequence of his specialism and post graduate studies, he spent 10 months at MIT, Boston.

While continuing his PhD studies this year Refael has spent time in Brussels, and Cambridge UK (again with Microsoft) and has also attended conferences in Israel and Spain.